api2021 part I #4

tomasz.sowa merged 67 commits from api2021 into master 2021-05-27 10:37:36 +02:00

merge some work from api2021 branch:

  • new Space struct (full json support)
  • PascalCase to snake_case in some places
  • CSVParser
  • MainOptionsParser
  • some tests
merge some work from api2021 branch: - new Space struct (full json support) - PascalCase to snake_case in some places - CSVParser - MainOptionsParser - some tests
tomasz.sowa added 67 commits 2021-05-27 10:36:59 +02:00
fac3a7eb71 reorganization in utf8
- utf8 auxiliary functions moved to utf8_private.h file
- in utf8.h are shown only functions available for consumers
- template functions has been moved to utf8_template.h (in utf8.h are only declarations)
  utf8_template.h is included at the end of utf8.h
- functions which take std::ostream changed to template (the stream is a template argument now)
f65d934e8c start working on a new version of Space struct - better support for JSON format
now we have a correct model, some methods for setting/getting values and serialization to json
(no serialization to Space yet)
ba7fa1c195 fixed: in serialize_json_double(): the buffer length was calculated incorrectly: sizeof(char) changed to sizeof(wchar_t)
added to Space struct:
 void set_null();
 void set_empty_string();
 void set_empty_wstring();
 void set_empty_table();
 void set_empty_object();
 void clear();
5b5a1dfbb6 changed the way how the library is built
- now there is only one Makefile in the root directory and we have only one pikotools.a lib file
- removed: mainparser
6e169f7650 added to JSONToSpaceParser: possibility to parse the Space format
renamed: ParseFile() -> ParseJSONFile()
added: ParseSpaceFile(), ParseJSON(), ParseSpace()
1c643a08b0 added a test whether we have reach the end of the input string
without this such an input json (incorrect json string as there is no {} characters):
"key": "value"
would be parsed correctly: "key" would be parsed and the rest would be skipped
a2339eed34 fixed: in Space: pointers 'name' and 'child_spaces' were not correctly initialized in cctors
added in Space:
- some methods for adding values to an object, such as:
  Space & Space::add(const std::wstring & field, bool val) (bool, short, int, long, long long etc.)
- methods for creating lists:
  void Space::to_list(std::list<std::string> & output_list, bool clear_list) const
  bool Space::to_list(const wchar_t * field, std::list<std::string> & output_list, bool clear_list) const
- methods for converting a value from an object field:
  bool Space::to_bool(const wchar_t * field, bool default_value) const
- methods for testing strings:
  bool Space::is_equal(const char * val) const
  bool Space::is_equal(const std::string & val) const
  bool Space::is_equal(const wchar_t * val) const
  bool Space::is_equal(const std::wstring & val) const
- methods to get the raw pointer to a value from an object, such as:
  bool * Space::get_bool(const wchar_t * field)
  float * Space::get_float(const wchar_t * field)
- methods for finding a child space (used in Space format only)
  Space * Space::find_child_space(const wchar_t * name)
  Space & Space::find_add_child_space(const wchar_t * name)
5d34db5fcf added to Space:
- methods for testing a string value if a Space is a string or a table:
  bool has_value(const char * val) const;
  bool has_value(const std::string & val) const;
  bool has_value(const wchar_t * val) const;
  bool has_value(const std::wstring & val) const;
- methods for testing a string value in an object (testing a string or a table):
  bool has_value(const wchar_t * field, const char * val) const;
  bool has_value(const wchar_t * field, const std::string & val) const;
  bool has_value(const wchar_t * field, const wchar_t * val) const;
  bool has_value(const wchar_t * field, const std::wstring & val) const;
- methods for removing a child space:
  void remove_child_space(const wchar_t * name);
  void remove_child_space(const std::wstring & name);
  void remove_child_space(size_t index);
297940ff7c fix in SpaceParser when parsing json format: floating point values such as 1.123e+01 where not correctly parsed ('+' character was not correctly parsed)
added to Space: some methods for searching a field with ignoring case:
Space * get_object_field_nc(const wchar_t * field)
Space * get_object_field_nc(const std::wstring & field);
const Space * get_object_field_nc(const wchar_t * field) const;
const Space * get_object_field_nc(const std::wstring & field) const;
96eedd9be9 added support for morm::Model to Log:
Log & operator<<(morm::Model & model);
but we need some kind of a macro to allow this
463cec3283 fixed #2: Procedures for reading an utf8 string incorrectly read some utf-8 characters.
Those characters were treated as invalid characters.

UTF8ToInt_FirstOctet incorrectly checked if the first octed is zero (after removing first bits).
This is a case only if the utf-8 character consists of two bytes. For 3 or 4 bytes
the first part can have all bits equal zero.
b055c46ae8 fixed #3: CompareNoCase incorrectly returned that string1 is greater than string2 for some characters
when converting from 'char' to 'int' we should first convert to 'unsigned char' and then to 'int'
7abe4b340a changes in convert/text functions
- changed function names: PascalCase to snake_case
- templates functions moved to a seperate file (text_private.h)
- as a public api only available functions with char/wchar_t/std::string/std::wstring
- ToLower(...) changed to to_lower_emplace(...), similar ToUpper(...) to to_upper_emplace(...)
- added functions:
  std::string to_lower(const std::string & str);
  std::string to_upper(const std::string & str);
  and with std::wstring too
- functions with postfix 'NoCase' changed to 'nc'
ce81670bb6 added 'tests' directory with tests for the pikotools library
currently only tests for convert/text functions
ac691bccb7 updated MainSpaceParser to the new Space format, changed api to snake case
now we can:
- parse short options, those beginning with a hypnen '-'
- parse long options, those beginning with two hyphens '--'
- long options can have arguments in two forms:
  - either with an equal sign, e.g.: --opion-name=argument
  - or with a space, e.g: --option argument
    in the latter case we can have more than one argument, e.g: --option argument1 argument2
- parse non-option arguments, those after two hyphens to the end of a string, e.g: -- arg1 arg2
604b47db32 added move semantics to Space class
added methods:
Space(Space && space);
Space & operator=(Space && space);
void set(const Space & space);
void set(Space && space);
Space & add(const Space & space);
Space & add(Space && space);
Space & add(const wchar_t * field, const Space & space);
Space & add(const wchar_t * field, Space && space);
Space & add(const std::wstring & field, const Space & space);
Space & add(const std::wstring & field, Space && space);
abeca010cc fixed: SpaceParser was using space->set_empty_object() when parsing a space
and it cleared all values if not an empty object was provided to the set_space() method
5ce36ea844 changed the way how child_spaces are created in Space class
- removed child_spaces and name pointers
- now a table with child spaces is created under "child_spaces" object field
- a name of the child space is stored in "name" field of the child object

added methods for manipulating with child spaces:
TableType * find_child_space_table()
bool child_spaces_empty()
size_t child_spaces_size()

Space * find_child_space(size_t table_index)
Space & add_child_space(const wchar_t * space_name)
Space & add_child_space(const std::wstring & space_name)

std::wstring * find_child_space_name()
std::wstring get_child_space_name()
bool is_child_space_name(const wchar_t * name)

added additional methods:
size_t str_size()
size_t wstr_size()
size_t object_size()
size_t table_size()
tomasz.sowa merged commit 848cdf9c03 into master 2021-05-27 10:37:36 +02:00
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