uikit #3

tomasz.sowa merged 69 commits from uikit into master 2021-02-16 19:52:36 +01:00

All html templates are using uikit markup now.

All html templates are using uikit markup now.
tomasz.sowa added 69 commits 2021-02-16 19:52:07 +01:00
db1c63a350 added html/index_bottom_adder.html template - at the moment empty,
will be used at the bottom of an index template - before </body> tag
a9b9d0badf fixed: mv winix function didn't move a file correctly
- if a file was moved (renamed) into the same directory and a file with the new name
already existed then nothing was done (now a message is shown that such a file already exists)
- if a file was moved to another directory and there was a file wich such a name there
then the moved file had its original name (now a message is shown that such a file already exists)
10e291bb39 added: generic html template: index_generic.html
(config option: templates_index_generic)
this is a generic template without additional site-css (only uikit),
at the moment used only in ckeditor file browser

added: to Request class: index_template (std::wstring) - a name of an index html template
5205aa089b modified index templates
some meta information moved to index_head_functions_add.html

WIP: #2
93477091d1 added uikit markup for gallery winix funcion (gallery plugin)
- the main gallery is now 'uikit'
- lightbox updated to version 2.11.3 (now it is using jQuery, beforehand prototype.js was used)
- aino-gallery is called galleriajs now (and updated to 1.6.1)
- themes from galleriajs were removed and some new themes has been added (azur, twelve, folio, fullscreen)
- removed some old mount types for galleries (galleriathumb, galleria1.2.9, galleriathumb1.2.9)

WIP: #2
tomasz.sowa merged commit d861384889 into master 2021-02-16 19:52:36 +01:00
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