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@ -19,10 +19,14 @@ void Mounts::ReadMounts()
MountParser mp;
// !! tymczasowo - bedzie odczyt z bazy z /etc/fstab
std::string temp =
"cms / withheader, withinfo \n"
"thread /news desc, withheader, withinfo, restrictcreatethread(-1) \n"
"thread /news desc, withheader, thread_with_header, thread_with_info, restrictcreatethread(-1) \n"
"thread /forum asc, withheader, withinfo, thread_with_info, restrictcreatethread(3), only_root_can_remove, can_use_emacs_on(4), can_use_mkdir_on(3)";
Error err = mp.Parse(temp, mount_table);