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Tomasz Sowa af0d34beb9
make depend 2024-05-31 00:32:56 +02:00
Tomasz Sowa d1f5d9aa88
(winixcli): add a --sort-tables option
while here:
- add a fil_max_size filter for putting a space if the inner stream is greater than x characters
2023-11-09 10:57:11 +01:00
Tomasz Sowa 3855ea9fa7 add /usr/include/postgresql to includes paths 2022-09-23 19:53:26 +02:00
Tomasz Sowa a81839fd9c make depend 2022-09-23 18:34:08 +02:00
Tomasz Sowa 03035f038f use PT_HAS_MORM_LIBRARY macro when building too
while here:
- use some conditionals in the Makefile
2022-09-23 18:34:08 +02:00
Tomasz Sowa b615dc7e6e add cmp ezc function 2022-01-22 04:35:42 +01:00
Tomasz Sowa ff8e9e6b32 start working on winixcli
winixcli can now read a PGModeler file
and is able to generate a template through ezc

winixcli parameters:
--input-mode pgmodeler (only one parameter at the moment)
--input-file file (pgmodeler file)
--templates-dir dir_path (a path to templates directory)
--template file (template file)
2022-01-18 19:40:57 +01:00