TTCalc is an open source bignum mathematical calculator.
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<title>TTCalc - accuracy</title>
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TTCalc uses binary floating point numbers. It means that your input values are first
converted to a binary representation and then the calculations are performed. After
calculating the result is again converted from the binary to the decimal (you can
select the input and output format on the display tab). You must remember that not
all values can be converted from binary to decimal (and vice versa) without loosing
accuracy. For example decimal '5' can be converted to binary '101' and the '101' is
exactly equal decimal 5. But decimal '0.3' has not a good binary representation, it
is '0.010011001100110011.....'. And when you put decimal '0.3' the calculations are
performed on an approximate value and the result is only an approximation too.
For example try to calculate: 0.204 - 0.34*0.80 + 0.068, you would expect that the
result was 0 but TTCalc gives you: 3.15544362088404722164691426e-30 which is
a good approximation to the real zero (look at e-30 part which means 10^(-30)).