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Tomasz Sowa ac8574e9da changed Changelog and other docs
git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2011-01-30 15:01:57 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa e87308c721 added: blocks try{} catch(...) to first and second thread
changed: version of the program: 0.9.2 now

git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2010-09-23 22:52:28 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa 300f1aaa5f added: Italian translation made by
Damiano Monaco   <dmonax AnTispam>
added:   menu: edit->swap (ctrl+W)
         swapping the input for the output edit

git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2010-09-14 16:45:31 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa 9e25a7bc7a changed: version of the program: 0.9.1 now
git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2010-02-07 19:02:11 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa 2fd7432920 changed: some improvements in Update Dialog
changed: in setup config:
         it is better to use administrative privileges when doing an update
         (if an unprivileged user has installed TTCalc in a special folder before
         then he would not be able to install it now - and the default 
         directory in the setup would be other than previous one - this would be
         very misleading)

git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2009-10-18 18:59:21 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa 637f82e5e2 added Swedish language to the installer
git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2009-09-16 16:38:46 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa 783bebc269 added: Russian language to the setup
changed: version of the program: 0.8.6 now

git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2009-06-30 19:18:47 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa 34500e3a5e changed: corrected the chinese translation
(The translation was made by: Juis)
added:   chinese language to the installer

git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2009-06-15 02:41:56 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa ebc5359953 added: Danish language to the setup
changed: version of the program: 0.8.4

git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2009-05-09 01:13:54 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa 6555140b9a changed: variables and functions are copied to the second thread only
when they have been changed (performance)
         flags: variables_id and functions_id in ProgramResources
changed: you don't have to be an administrator to use the setup (installer)
         PrivilegesRequired=none in innosetup.iss
changed: small changes in Makefile(s) especially pathes
changed: upx 3.03 is used now (for the portable version)

git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2009-04-02 05:13:27 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa ff62d833c9 fixed: calculating the size of the main window
now it looks good on MS Vista and when a user changes size of some
         widgets such as a border, font size, etc.
added:   spanish language to the setup (installer)
added:   the setup will remove mingwm10.dll if it exists in the program directory
added:   on display tab: we can select 'deg' 'rad' or 'grad' for calculating
         in such functions: sin,cos,tan,cot,asin,acos,atan,acot
added:   macro TTCALC_CONVERT if not defined there will not be a convert tab
         (the convert tab is not finished)
added:   a new icon with following dimensions: '48x48' '32x32' '16x16'
removed: parameter for gcc: -mthreads
         with -mthreads it is possible (on windows) to release some kind of
         'destructors' belonging to a thread when the specific thread exists
         (it prevents some kind of memory leaks)
         in the TTCalc when the second thread exists then there is the end
         of the program and we can not use '-mthreads'
removed: file TODO (I didn't use the file)

git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2009-03-28 18:26:20 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa c232565953 added: when a user presses CTRL+C then the result will be
copied into the clipboard (if the current control which 
         has a focus is not an edit control, or if it is an edit
         but has no selection)
added:   when a user presses CTRL+V then a text from the clipboard
         will be copied into the edit control (if a focus is not 
         on another edit control)
changed: Makefile: added rules: help, setup
         and more small changes,
         small changes in Makefileportable
changed: Makefile.dep
         this script calls for Html Help Workshop
         and when there was an error returns 1
         and if success returns 0
         (HtmlHW returns conversely)

git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2007-08-05 20:31:46 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa aa10a71d13 changed: on win9x the configuration file is in
"c:\windows\data application\ttcalc\" now
changed: the program uses the TTMath 0.8.1 now
added:   from TTMath 0.8.1:
         root(x, index), bitand(x,y), bitor(x,y), bitxor(x,y)
         /band(x,y), bor(x,y), bxor(x,y)/
         asinh(x), acosh(x), atanh(x), acoth(x) /atgh(x), actgh(x)/
changed: from TTMath 0.8.1: calculations are much faster now
         especially the factorial() function
changed: from TTMath 0.8.1: the way of parsing operators

git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2007-04-17 13:41:38 +00:00
Tomasz Sowa b3d2fc5d24 added: a user can change the names of variables or functions now
changed: the program uses TTMath 0.8.0 now
added: functions: from TTMath 0.8.0:        
       DegToDeg(deg, min, sec), DegToRad(deg), DegToRad(deg, min, sec),
       RadToDeg(rad), Ceil(x), Floor(x), Sqrt(x), Sinh(x), Cosh(x),
       Tanh(x) /Tgh(x)/, Coth(x) /Ctgh(x)/
added: a help
changed: from TTMath 0.8.0:
       renamed: CTan()  into Cot()  or Ctg()
       renamed: ACTan() into ACot() or ACtg()
       Factorial() has a history log now (it can remember last
       10 calculated values)
added: a directory 'help' with files of the help
added: a directory 'setup' with files needed to make an installer
       (we're using InnoSetup Compiler to make it)
fixed: the vertical size of the main window when a user uses a different size
       of the window caption (especially under the Windows XP Luna)
fixed: on Windows 9x: the program hung when a user clicks on a control 
       on the first tab (the procedure SetNextFocus(...) has been completely
       rewritten and the flag WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT on the tab dialogs has
       gone away)
fixed: when started navigating from the keyboard the program showed a wrong
       variable or a funtion in the edit dialog

git-svn-id: svn:// e52654a7-88a9-db11-a3e9-0013d4bc506e
2007-04-02 00:17:26 +00:00