added: on the about box info about what is it the portable version

changed status: 0.8.2 version

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Tomasz Sowa 16 years ago
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Version 0.8.2 portable (2007.07.01):
* added: the portable version of the program TTCalc
it uses *.ini config file from the same folder where
is the executable file, and it's much smaller in size
(in the portable version there's only one kind
of precision and the program is packed with UPX -
the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables)
there are no other differences between version 0.8.1 and this one
Version 0.8.1 (2007.04.17):
* changed: on win9x the configuration file is in a folder like:
"c:\windows\data application\ttcalc\" now

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@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ void Languages::InitGuiMessagesTab()
InsertGuiPair(menu_help_help, "&Help");
InsertGuiPair(menu_help_project_page, "&Project page");
InsertGuiPair(menu_help_about, "&About");
InsertGuiPair(cant_init_calculations, "I could not initialize the module of calculations");
InsertGuiPair(cant_init_calculations, "I could not initialize the module for calculations");
InsertGuiPair(cant_create_thread, "I could not create the second thread for calculating");
InsertGuiPair(cant_create_main_window, "I could not create the main window of the application");
@ -283,12 +283,18 @@ void Languages::InitGuiMessagesTab()
"Compiler: %s\r\n"
"%s" // for upx
"This program uses the TTMath bignum library"
"TTCalc uses the TTMath bignum library"
" which can be found at\r\n"
"This is the portable version of the program TTCalc. In this version "
"you can calculate only with one kind of precision (96 bits for the "
"mantissa and 32 bits for the exponent) it's about +/-6.9e+646457021.\r\n"
"If you have any questions, advices or interesting ideas about"
" this program or if you want to join to this project as"
" a developer or programmer feel free to contant with the author."
" a developer or a programmer feel free to contant with the author."
InsertGuiPair(about_text_portable_version, " portable version");
InsertGuiPair(about_text_exe_packer, "EXE Packer: UPX 3.00\r\n");
@ -397,6 +403,12 @@ void Languages::InitGuiMessagesTab()
"Ten program u¿ywa biblioteki du¿ych liczb TTMath"
" która jest dostêpna na\r\n"
"To jest wersja portable programu TTCalc. W tej wersji mo¿esz dokonywaæ "
"obliczeñ jedynie z jednym rodzajem precyzji (96 bitowa mantysa "
"oraz 32 bitowy wyk³adnik) to jest oko³o +/-6.9e+646457021.\r\n"
"Je¿eli masz jakieœ pytania, rady, ciekawe pomys³y dotycz¹ce"
" tego programu lub chcia³byœ do³¹czyæ jako projektant/programista"
" poprostu skontaktuj siê z autorem."