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CXX = g++10
#CXX = clang++
CXXFLAGS = -Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/lib/gcc10 -Wfatal-errors -fPIC -Wall -pedantic -O0 -g3 -pthread -std=c++20 -I../../pikotools/src -I../lib -I/usr/local/include
#CXXFLAGS = -fsanitize=address -Wfatal-errors -fPIC -Wall -pedantic -O0 -g3 -pthread -std=c++20 -I../../pikotools/src -I../lib -I/usr/local/include
LDFLAGS = -L/usr/local/lib
export CXX
export LDFLAGS
export AR
all: lib placefinder
lib: FORCE pikotools
$(MAKE) -C lib
placefinder: FORCE pikotools lib
$(MAKE) -C placefinder
pikotools: FORCE
$(MAKE) -C ../pikotools
clean: FORCE
$(MAKE) -C lib clean
$(MAKE) -C placefinder clean
$(MAKE) -C ../pikotools clean
depend: FORCE
$(MAKE) -C lib depend
$(MAKE) -C placefinder depend