2502 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Muhammad Moinur Rahman 05ef481d14 emulators/qemu52: Moved to emulators/qemu5 3 weeks ago
Joseph Mingrone 1d376e5a14
UPDATING: Document removal of emacs version from package names 1 month ago
Matthias Fechner 46ce086c71 Mk/Uses: default version for nodejs 1 month ago
Dries Michiels 8534f4382c */*: Consistently use my new driesm@FreeBSD.org alias 4 weeks ago
Bernard Spil 5c5878b7d1 security/libressl: Upgrade to 3.4.1 4 weeks ago
Joseph Mingrone 40f591e1b3
UPDATING: Add entry for sysutils/devcpu-data changes 2 months ago
Sergey A. Osokin 5eedc797e1 UPDATING: add entry for databases/redisearch20 1 month ago
Kevin Bowling 1f4b891a3a UPDATING: Fix 20211024 to use new .pkg extension 1 month ago
Juraj Lutter 3c59413074 sysutils/beats7: Update to 7.15.1 1 month ago
Kevin Bowling 51a00e6b94 Mk/bsd.default-versions.mk: Update to PostgreSQL 13 1 month ago
Bradley T. Hughes f7594b482c
www/node: Update 16.11.1 -> 17.0.0 2 months ago
Renato Botelho ff5ded75bc devel/git: Split into subpackages 2 months ago
Guido Falsi 4bd337ab28 devel/geany*: Update to 1.38 2 months ago
Yasuhiro Kimura e761728685 security/clamav-lts: Add new port 3 months ago
Dan Langille 464873be22 UPDATING: change 'affects user of' to 'affect users of' 2 months ago
Marc Fonvieille c1e0478c8f UPDATING: Document misc/freebsd-doc-* upgrade 2 months ago
Vanilla I. Shu 7e8d9b84af net/kafkacat: update to 1.7.0, and rename to kcat. 2 months ago
Kai Knoblich 357edb1338 UPDATING: Add upgrade instructions for NetBox 3.x 2 months ago
Rainer Hurling e4688976d0 UPDATING: Correct date of the entry 2 months ago
Goran Mekic e6ec12f664 www/py-pyjwt: Rename to www/py-pyjwt1 2 months ago
Marc Fonvieille 722c18a924 UPDATING: Fix some typos 2 months ago
Adriaan de Groot b41385d1aa math/eigen3: massage OPTIONs 3 months ago
Jan Beich 341770e867 sysutils/seatd: drop SUID option after b8a20cd29e 3 months ago
Adam Weinberger 6e6d25870c UPDATING: Add entry for vim reconstruction 3 months ago
Chris Rees f8b16d75a0 audio/ampache: Update to 5.0.0 3 months ago
Hiroki Sato 2a39d99e1c
mail/mu: update to 1.6.4 4 months ago
Dima Panov 65e5396eca mail/postfixadmin: Update to 3.3.10 release (+) 4 months ago
Sergey A. Osokin 6f1d9defbd databases/redis*: update databases/redis to 6.2.5. 4 months ago
Juraj Lutter 5c04c7fff0 UPDATING: Fix typos in 20210805 for sysutils/beats7 4 months ago
Juraj Lutter 4d2b3e8552 UPDATING: Document sysutils/beats7 breaking change 4 months ago
Kevin Oberman 40207d07ff UPDATING: Fix instructions for OpenLDAP entry. 4 months ago
Xin LI 974e13b501 net/openldap24-server: Make SASL permanent for OpenLDAP port. 4 months ago
Tobias C. Berner 5c8adda949 multimedia/{py-,}mlt{-qt5,}: rename to multimedia/{py-,}mlt6{-qt5,}: 4 months ago
Thierry Thomas 2a57daeb2f x11/rxvt-unicode: add a message into UPDATING 5 months ago
Loïc Bartoletti be86c4fe23 misc/qtchooser: remove 5 months ago
Alexander Leidinger 81c83fa60e misc/openhab: update to 3.1.0 5 months ago
Kevin Bowling aa133a965a UPDATING: clarify mesa-libs and nvidia-driver conflicts 6 months ago
Matthias Fechner afee04dae9 www/gitlab-ce: Added a note that you must upgrade at first to 13.12. 6 months ago
Alexander Leidinger 207827e2a8 misc/openhab: new v3 based upon copy from openhab2 6 months ago
Kevin Bowling f0559e8734 UPDATING: Add notes for mesa-libs on portmaster/portupgrade 6 months ago
Matthias Andree 80fdf5e385 UPDATING: fix spelink 7 months ago
Thierry Thomas 7e3a028cf0 www/tt-rss: Update to g20210423 e8f78181f 7 months ago
Dan Langille 3d486f6300 FFECTS -> AFFECTS for security/bitwarden_rs entry 7 months ago
Michael Reifenberger cd80f4c4bf security/bitwarden_rs: Rename to security/vaultwarden 7 months ago
Palle Girgensohn c9932c0b01 UPDATING: fix bad speling 7 months ago
Palle Girgensohn ab83f2b4bb databases/postgresql??-*: Upgrade to latest version 7 months ago
Mateusz Piotrowski e025129daf sysutils/ansible: Update to 3.3.0 7 months ago
Boris Samorodov 3a525228ba devel/pycharm-ce: Update to version 2021.1.1 7 months ago
Kai Knoblich 3185130dad UPDATING: Adjust Python 3.7 -> 3.8 instructions for portmaster 7 months ago
Olli Hauer efa868ac95 mail/postfix35 add new port 7 months ago