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Mathieu Arnold 5d33e04596
framework: Remove $FreeBSD$ 8 months ago
Glen Barber 173f3ba490 copyrights: Happy New Year 2021 11 months ago
Glen Barber a1e8e4666b Happy New Year 2020! 2 years ago
Rene Ladan cee43db102 Happy 2019 3 years ago
Eitan Adler a662c40d36 COPYRIGHT: removed 'all rights reserved' 4 years ago
Rene Ladan 97b84588d2 Update copyright of the ports tree to 2018 4 years ago
Baptiste Daroussin 7b4d4ea31a Bump copyright year. 5 years ago
Bjoern A. Zeeb 24bead5d8a Bump copyright year. 6 years ago
Bjoern A. Zeeb 768a0013b1 Bump copyright year. 7 years ago
Glen Barber 1d695408cc Bump copyright year. 8 years ago
Bjoern A. Zeeb 3388784cb7 Happy New Year 2013! 9 years ago
Bjoern A. Zeeb b942f5a54f Bump the copyright year. Happy 2012. 10 years ago
Bjoern A. Zeeb 63a8a93a5c Happy New Year 2011. 11 years ago
Martin Wilke 5dc9feaf86 - Update Copyright Year. 12 years ago
Erwin Lansing 78f47bd650 Welcome to 2009. 13 years ago
Erwin Lansing 758959924f Please welcome 2008 14 years ago
Erwin Lansing 8105b6c415 Welcome to 2007. Happy new year! 15 years ago
Erwin Lansing 511dfcf762 Happy new year! 16 years ago
Kris Kennaway 2654a642da Add an explicit compilation copyright covering the ports collection. This 16 years ago